Sunday meetings.

Inspired. Productive. Creative. That’s how my Sundays feel, they tend to be a day almost solely committed to Piece of String and it’s really working for us.


That’s another very productive Sunday under my belt.

Me and Frankie had another lengthy meeting for Piece of String and we got A LOT done! Feels so good to be so productive and inspired to make this happen for us.

It’s a shame that we didn’t realise that this is what we wanted to do when we graduated a year ago. However it’s only really what has happened over that past year that has lead us to this path. So I believe that it wasn’t supposed to happen until now. We’re both in great places mentally and are really committed which is great! Sure, it might grow to be something bigger over time but at the moment we are just really enjoying dancing, working and making for ourselves.

I hope you’re as excited about this as we are, come follow our journey and watch us grow! @PieceofStringUK

We’ll have something to show you very soon! But for now it’s time to crack on with briefs and proposals… A busy week for Piece of String!



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