When your sister’s a dancer too.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I have a younger sister Jessica. She is three years younger than me and also a dancer; so as you can imagine, mum has had a house of it for about 20years!!

The main question I get is, ‘is it not weird being in direct competition with your sister?’. My answer is always no! Mainly because we aren’t in direct competition. Yes, we are both dancers and yes the industry is small, BUT we are very different dancers who will be looking for completely different work. (Also Jessica is still in training at Performers College)

Rather than being in competition with each other, all we do is support each other. I’m a contemporary dancer and Jessica is part way through her Musical Theatre training so I think part of it is that our own worlds intrigue each other. We go to class in London together, we ask each other for advice and we celebrate our successes together. It’s great, where most people think that because we’re both dancers we’d be in competition with each other it’s actually great because we understand each other and when our ideas might sound really daft to other people the other one completely gets it!

Here’s to more growing and sharing together.




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