Watch Me Fly with Aim to Fly.

In May 2014 I was asked to be the Dance Specialist for Aim to Fly UK. So what does this mean and what is Aim to Fly? It means that as a performer, I will be the company’s dancer as well as being an aerialist. This in turn will also mean dance and performance workshops and gigs with the company.

Aim to Fly, founded by Mel Stevens, is a company bursting with opportunity and inspiration. Their mission is to enable those who are generally deemed as unable or disabled, to enjoy the benefits,both mental and physical, of the Aerial Arts. What a mission statement!


Mel broke her back 10years ago giving birth but there is nothing stopping her. A truly inspiring woman, after just 10mins in her company you leave feeling inspired and empowered. When you see Mel on the silks, hoop or trapeze you would have no idea of the restraints her body puts on her.


It’s really fortunate that Mel also has her own aerial rig, so we can share, experiment, learn and rehearse in the fresh air, it’s so much more free and enjoyable than being cooped up in a studio or unit. It also means that we can rehearse when we want/ need.

So stay tuned and watch me fly!




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