NoFit State.


In June 2014 I was given a great opportunity by Mel Stevens of Aim to Fly. She had been invited to perform in Newbury Town Centre with NoFit State Circus and asked some of us to be guest performers also to represent Aim to Fly.

It was great, we had a couple of days of training in the week and then two performances at the weekend, one on each day. NoFit State performed four times in total, which meant that we got to watch and participate in their workshops for one of their performances each day. On the Saturday I did a gymnastics/Acro workshop and then on the Sunday I learned some tightrope. Needless to say, I left with Circus fever and went and bought a unicycle the next day….(I’m still learning!)

The performances were great and the energy around was so contagious! On the Saturday we performed Aerial Silks and gave some of the children in the audience the chance to try it. We just got them in a cocoon and span them and they loved it! The following day we performed Aerial Hoop on NoFit State’s gimble…. It was a caravan with almost a crane arm coming out of the top, from which the hoop was rigged. It was quite a spectacle.

It was really amazing how many people stopped and watched the performances. There was a constantly full audience that followed the performances through along Newbury High Street.

We collaborated with some truly amazing performers, artists and practitioners and are really hoping to have some of them back to take workshop for/with us!

Thank you Mel Stevens and Aim to Fly!

Here are a couple of images from the performances:





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