In the Pipeline.

Three weeks ago after a pretty inspirational week coaching dance at summer camp, I was to find out that Frankie Thompson had had a week just as inspiring as mine. She had been dancing and creating for Gary Clarke’s Lustrum.

I had recently been thinking how much I would like to start making work again- by which I mean contemporary dance pieces. I just didn’t know where I wanted to start the whole process. Luckily for me Frankie was thinking the same things and actually approached me asking if I’d like to make a piece with her. Perfect.

So far we have had one Skype meeting and one face to face meeting. It is so refreshing and inspiring finding out that we’re on the same page as one another; with ideas, what we want to do with those ideas, how we want to use the ideas and where to go next.

That’s where we are at at the moment, looking to start creating on August 17th. It’s all very exciting. I’ve been taking time every morning before work to do research; this time for myself reminds me that I am not my job and this means I have a much more positive day knowing there are more exciting things to come.

Watch this space.


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