DV8 Physical Theatre

On Saturday 26th July I had the privileged opportunity to join DV8 Physical theatre for their company class before rehearsal. The class was ballet with Raymond Chai. I must say it is probably the first ballet class I have properly enjoyed in it’s entirety!

As a guest to the class it was really nice to have just been treated like any other member of the company through class. Chai gave me feedback and corrections throughout the class and also commented when he could see I’d taken the corrections on board. It’s also great to see the company in a class setting away from the works created for us to see.

The studio was super airy and full of natural light too. There was a lovely, inspired, organic feeling in there. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a studio all day with no natural light or fresh air, you start to feel institutionalised and lose all concept of being outside of those walls. Obviously sometimes it can’t be helped and that’s fine, but I find working in natural light so much more enjoyable.

It was the start of a great dance filled weekend. Now, meetings, more class and a test shoot.


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